More Than 20/20
Your vision is more than important
…and more than 20/20.

Our board-certified therapists and doctors use evidence-based research and treatment to improve eye-brain-body connections. We are a specialty clinic for visual symptoms that impact neurological, academic and athletic function.

Vision Training Centers

3305 Northland Drive
Suite 312
Austin, Texas 78731
Phone: 512.419.1212
Fax: 512.237.7357
Mon.-Thurs. - 8:30 - 6
Fri. 8-1

Cedar Park Location
930 South Bell Boulevard
Suite 409
Cedar Park, TX 78613
Phone: 512-219-1700
Fax: 512-237-7357

  • “I had never heard of Vision Training before, now I cannot imagine what Anna would be like without it.”


Let Vision Therapy Change Your Life!

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